To be a leading company manufacturing of coconut products with having own coconut plantation and tourist centre.


To produce more non-traditional coconut related products for local and global.





Ganda Kota is the world's first producing crunchy coconut chunks with a special technology that gives longer shelf life and without rancid. It has no colouring, no preservatives and gluten free.
Our coconut chunks are made from fresh, matured coconut. It is a healthy and delicious snack for the people of all ages. It is high in nutrients and zero in cholesterol.  It can be use as raw materials in industries like snack, ice cream topping, cereal/granola and as ingredients for bakery & confectionery.
The principal activity of Ganda Kota Sdn Bhd. is venturing into manufacturing of all coconuts related products so as to enrich the use of coconut-related products for the local and global markets.
We are the pioneer in Malaysia to introduce, distribute and export unique world first great-tasting Delicoco Coconut Chunks to local and foreign markets. We are currently exporting our product to China, Australia, Thailand, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Korea.
The founder of Delicoco Coconut Chunks has more than 25 years' of experiences. He started his coconut business in 1987 when he first pioneered fresh coconuts for eating outlets and restaurant. In the same year itself, he made it commercially viable and supplied fresh coconuts throughout Malaysia. In 2008, he started formulating Coconut Chunks and finally completed its formulation in 2009. Nowadays the founder concentrated only on the manufacture of coconut related products a new factory certified HACCP, FSSC22000 and ISO 22000 built in 2006 in Labu, Seremban.

**Our Business**

*Local and Export market
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Ganda Kota是世界上第一个采用特殊技术生产脆脆椰子块,可以延长保质期,不会产生酸败。它没有着色,没有防腐剂和面筋。 我们的 椰子块采用新鲜成熟的椰子制成。它是适合所有年龄段人群的健康美味小吃。营养丰富,胆固醇为零。它还可当成原料用于零食,冰淇淋浇头,谷物/麦片等行业,以及面包和糖果的成分。
Ganda Kota 的主要业务是投资制造所有椰子相关产品,以丰富椰子相关产品在本地和全球市场的使用。 我们是马来西亚的先驱,在当地和国外市场推出,分销和出口世界上第一个美味的Delicoco椰子块。我们目前将产品出口到中国,澳大利亚,泰国,科威特,英国,德国,日本和韩国
Ganda Kota的创始人拥有超过25年的经验。他于1987年开始从事椰子生意,当时他首次开创了新鲜的椰子,用于饮食店和餐厅。同年,他在商业上可行,并在马来西亚各地提供新鲜椰子。 2008年,他开始制作椰子块,并于2009年完成其配方。如今,创始人只专注于椰子相关产品的生产,2006年在芙蓉拉布建立了新工厂认证的HACCP,FSSC22000和ISO 22000。