Company Profile


To be a leading company manufacturing of coconut products with having own coconut plantation and tourist centre.


To produce more non-traditional coconut related products for local and global.




Ganda Kota is the world's first producing crunchy coconut chunks with a special technology that gives longer shelf life and without rancid. It has no colouring, no preservatives and gluten free.
Our coconut chunks are made from fresh, matured coconut. It is a healthy and delicious snack for the people of all ages. It is high in nutrients and zero in cholesterol.  It can also be use in industries like snack, ice cream topping, cereal/granola and as ingredients for bakery & confectionery.
The principal activity of Ganda Kota Sdn Bhd. is venturing into manufacturing of all coconuts related products so as to enrich the use of coconut-related products for the local and global markets.
We are the pioneer in Malaysia to introduce, distribute and export unique world first great-tasting Delicoco Coconut Chunks to local and foreign markets. We are currently exporting our product to China, Australia, Thailand, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Korea.
The founder of Delicoco Coconut Chunks has more than 25 years' of experiences. He started his coconut business in 1987 when he first pioneered fresh coconuts for eating outlets and restaurant. In the same year itself, he made it commercially viable and supplied fresh coconuts throughout Malaysia. In 2008, he started formulating Coconut Chunks and finally completed its formulation in 2009. Nowadays the founder concentrated only on the manufacture of coconut related products a new factory certified HACCP, FSSC22000 and ISO 22000 built in 2006 in Labu, Seremban.


We are committed to a high standard of manufacturing practice from the start of processes. Special attention and selection of only matured and good quality coconuts will be used to produce the coconut chunks. We put a high priority on production facilities in terms of quality and hygiene. We insist that only product that meets the strict quality standards are delivered to our customers. We are continuously doing R&D in developing new products, meeting customer requirements, and new findings.

Product description

Coconut popper is rice being pop into shining brown then coated with coconut chunks. Dehydrated Coconut mixes with natural seasoning. They are oven baked. Coconut Cookie is made from our coconut flakes and crumbles. It has a great taste, good aroma, and good texture